Markskydd ”{maa:rkɧydː}”

A combined word
consisting of two separate
Swedish words.

 “Mark” meaning
“Ground, land, soil” and
“Skydd” meaning
“Protection, cover, safeguard, shield” 

Thus resulting in
“Ground protection”.

And that´s what we do


We are a specialist supplier of temporary mobile ground protection systems since 2009. As a manufacturer & supplier of industrial safety products within ground protection, we help companies save lives and protect assets. Our core products are ground reinforcement plates and ground protection mats, that serve as temporary roadways and access tracks at events & construction sites, powerplants, landscaping and much more.

“..supplier of temporary mobile ground protection systems..”

As a small sized Swedish privately owned sales organization and procurator specializing solely in ground protective products with a focus on minimizing environmental impact we are satisfying a growing demand for new and eco-friendly solutions in one of the largest industries in Scandinavia.

It all started with founder Per Hillertz at a large garden party on a friends lawn. Guests were constantly stomping with high heels into the grass, getting stuck and then the rain came… the festivities became a muddy construction site with frowning guests. With a family history in the plastics recycling business and as a senior chemist he thought of using their extruded plastic sheets on another market such as this one, and also adhering to the growing demand of eco friendly solutions. A few prototypes later with added grip pattern and then product development into possibilities to interconnect and “lock” sheets, later called plates and mats, with one another, suddenly more and more markets emerged for this kind of product. Merging with a friend they started cold call selling and canvas demonstrations with no sales experience whatsoever. Sales rose and it was looking as if this could go from a hobby into a real business. Later on a bachelor party Per met a new acquaintance with experience from business development and digital marketing. They cooperated into scaling it into a real business. Everything from branding, automation processes, sales structure & product development grew into a business that today engages 6+ people on 3 continents and 8 countries with large possibilities ahead.



Markskydd I Väst AB Group is always striving to become better global citizens, both as individuals and as a company who manufactures products in use throughout the world. From our material sourcing policies and modes of production to employment practices, facility management and beyond, we hold ourselves to the highest standards while constantly searching for ways to improve our environmental and humanitarian impact.


  • Key clients in Construction, Events, Aviation, Transport, Defense, Pipelining, Mining…
  • Eco friendly perspective
  • Full portfolio of ground protective & ground reinforcing products
  • Specialized sales organization with effective production sourcing
  • Average of 50% yearly growth last 5 years
  • Flexible, quick & adaptive, non-hierarchical small company
  • Long experience from sales and marketing
  • Streamlined daily operations with effective digital systems
  • Growing client database of 5000+ with the largest Scandinavian industry companies
  • Owner of top 30 keyword domains and 80% dominance of keyword searches
  • in both organic as PPC. A conversion rate of 12% above average.
  • Basically, top of mind in online searches



The Nordics top of mind and leading supplier of industrial plastics with minimal environmental impact. The one-stop-shop of all eco-friendly surface protective solutions in Scandinavia.



High level service, Quick delivery and solution oriented sales of surface protective plastics. Close relationship sales, great service reputation, competitive pricing and fast delivery ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Scalable & modern business model focusing on automation.


Steady growth resulting from continuous effective marketing, development of a great salesforce andexpanding reseller network, effective systems of CRM, EMS, DC and web platforms. Streamlining from a traditional brick and mortar industry to a modern scalable digital automation. Development of more key accounts of large companies, government contracts and large volume agreements.






Mats & plates divided in 6 categories based upon load bearing characteristics and price level.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extreme heavy duty
  • Armored
  • Reinforcing/permanent



  • Continued sales growth
  • Motivated staff
  • Quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Increased marketing efforts
  • Team expansion
  • Quicker delivery



Core products (represent 95% of all sales)
Budget level: TempoTrax ® Light, up to 10 t pressure.
Mid level: TempoTrax ® Medium, up to 60 t.
Heavy Duty: Mix of quality and good pricing: TempoTrax ® Heavy Duty, up to 80 t.

Suitable for

  • Events, stadiums, outdoor festivals.
  • construction, gardening, excavations
  • oil Industry, military, aerospace, Traffic work…

Top clients


  • SME Construction companies, excavators
  • Event organizers
  • Equipment and machinery rentalsAdditional products, (5% of all sales): Tough Heavy duty level: 100 to 250 tons pressure


Suitable for

  • Outdoor festivals in very muddy environments
  • Heavy industry. Larger ground construction
  • Oil Industry, military, aerospace
  • Extreme environments
  • Forest industry
  • Long traffic diversions
  • Extreme terrain
  • Military


Top clients

  • Large companies and governments
  • Industrials
  • Airports, Pipeliners



Steady growth achieved without loans. Dwelling between AA towards AAA credit rating, shows limited financial constraints even due to aggressive development. No alternative sources of financing have been required since the start of 2009. Substantial collateral secured in commodities with yet a high circulation. Supplier delays has been the single source of locked cashflow in periods. Overall a strong financial statement each year. We expect a continued growth of 25% per annum (93% in total) the next 3 years.






A constantly growing prospect & client database secured by modern up to date cloud based systems that are scalable alongside the company’s growth. All systems are modular, interconnecting and web based, thus offering extreme flexibility and compatibility over all platforms.



Markskydd i väst AB

Sisjö Kullegata 8
421 32 Västra Frölunda/Askim, Sweden

+46(0)31 309 11 00

VAT reg. no SE556852838301